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Industry 4.0

Discover our fields of intervention


Our expertise in human and organizational factors  makes it possible to adapt the workstations, the tools and the organization of the tasks to the real constraints and to reduce the risk of error. 

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Science at the service of your performance!

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Quality improvement  

& of security

  • reduction of human error

  • reduction of accidents

We support you in the design  standards and workspaces conducive to maintaining the performance and vigilance of your operators.

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  • KPI & absenteeism

  • behavioral analysis

  • risk analysis

  • focus group & interviews

We study the context of your request, taking into account the physical, managerial, mental and organizational dimensions of your activity.

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Digital transformation

  • numerical tablets  

  • cobots, exoskeletons, enslavement

The industry of the future involves the integration of technological bricks on the sites.

We lead an operator-centric approach to optimize your transition to Industry 4.0.

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Autonomy of production teams

  • Lean culture and waste hunting

  • gap analysis  

  • management of continuous improvement projects

We involve your teams in the process of finding solutions and offer tailor-made support for increasing autonomy.

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nuclear accreditation level 1


... we are by your side at every step and provide you with complete and synthetic reports 


... at Coganalyse, there are no hidden costs or surprises.

The approach, the schedule and the fixed price are predefined

with you  and we stick to it!


... each expert intervenes according to a methodology and requirements which are the same, whatever the size and sector of our clients


... our entire team is involved in each intervention and we guarantee the continuity of services 

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