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Quality of life at work


About Us

We go above and beyond to make you reach new heights!

Lisa Jeanson is the  founder of Coganalyse, and Doctor in Cognitive Ergonomics.

She has built a method of analyzing activity based on the observation of employee behavior and the measurement of time, cognitive and psychological constraints at work.


A recognized expert in her field, she created Coganalyse to help companies and their employees understand and use mental stress as a lever for performance and improving the quality of life at work. Coganalyse calls on a set of experts who work in companies, public bodies and communities with a single objective:


Put people back at the center of work!

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AVH Tips

our HR partner

AVH Conseils puts more than 20 years of experience in HR support at your service.


Our partner is involved in the co-construction of the HR strategy, the implementation of your organizational policy, the support of managers and the monitoring of HR indicators during organizational transformations. 

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