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Quality of life at work

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All  our  workshops are led by experts and offered remotely or face-to-face. Everyone monitors to constantly adapt their interventions to the context of your work.

C nderstanding and regulate mental load at work

managers & employees

These discussion and awareness workshops invite employees to reflect together on the notion of mental workload through 3 chapters:

  1. Together, we take stock of what we experience at work, on new forms of organization and on the impact of the health crisis, teleworking, digitalization on the activity.

  2. We define the mental load, the workload, as well as the temporal, psychic and cognitive load. We also approach the functioning of the brain and its limits through examples taken from everyday life.  

  3. We learn to detect weak signals of maladaptive mental load before describing concrete tools to put in place to regulate one's mental load at work.  


o methodological utils to manage priorities and manage its workload

 young researchers

These methodological workshops allow young researchers to learn how to plan and carry out their research work in 4 parts:

  1. I understand how my body and brain work and identify the signs of underload and overload.

  2. I analyze my activity and take stock of my level of workload and stress.

  3. I learn to formulate my objectives at each stage of my research (research project, construction of the research process, writing of the thesis, writing of an article, etc.)

  4. I organize myself on a daily basis and I put in place the right reflexes to be more efficient and avoid being overworked.  


Image de Mimi Thian

duration: 3 h

12 participants max. per session

available completely remotely  

accessible to the deaf & hard of hearing

500 € HT per session *
* rate applied from 6 sessions (otherwise, 600  € HT per  session ) 

Image de Andrew Neel

duration: 12 h  (4 sessions of 3 hours)

12 participants max. per session

available completely remotely  

accessible to the deaf & hard of hearing

€ 2,100 per session

of satisfied participants

... among several hundred learners accompanied by our experts


... a fixed rate is applied including  module engineering costs and  animation of workshops

of equipped participants

... everyone leaves with concrete tools and additional information in addition to support

of exchanges and interactions

... we put in place engaging methods to promote exchanges between all learners 

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