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Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0

Science at the service of your performance!

Experts in human and organizational factors, we work on your sites to reduce the risk of errors.

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Chasing human error

How to reduce non-quality? How to limit the risks of work accidents and the turnover on the workstations?​ Why do operators deviate from the standards?


Engaging us is guaranteeing your performance

on the long term !


As an expert in organizational and human factors, we offer rapid and targeted interventions to limit the risks of errors and accidents at work.  :  

  • identify the elements of the position that generate the risk of errors and omissions thanks to a rapid diagnosis of activity and performance;  

  • implement a continuous improvement process to adapt to reduce the risk of human error and update standards (process & security);

  • propose a follow-up of performance indicators and involve operators and managers in the search for a solution. ​

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