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Industry 4.0

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We work with experts  of the industrial sector who put at your service years of experience in maintenance, production and logistics.

R e design of a  housing

Eliminate connector connection faults ...

A bluntly a room preparation zone 

Integrate the logic of kitters ...




recurring connector connection faults despite the presence of guidance

numerous ANDON calls on vehicles with connectors  


activity analysis  and measurement of constraints

research and presentation of  solutions

changing the housing support

total disappearance  faulty connector connections

-23% of ANDON calls on the set

121 non-conformities  on average per month in the preparation of the kits

13 AGV stops  not programmed for  12 AGV (deviations from standards) 

activity analysis  and measurement of constraints

research of  solutions  (with bitters, editors,  logistics)

storage & testing  of the area

non-conformities divided by 4 (2 9 per month on average)

drastic reduction in AGV shutdowns not programmed (1 for 12)

97% of operators satisfied with the development of the area

connecteurs 1.jpg

duration: 1 week

disappearance of connection faults  

reduction of constraints on operators

production gains

+ 10 vehicles per month
-23% of Andon calls to the extension 


duration :  4 weeks

non-conformities divided by 4

production gains

almost disappearance of unscheduled AGV shutdowns

operator satisfaction

100% of our solutions deployed on all  Group sites

Sustainably improve your performance

... by designing workstations that do not generate the risk of human error


... with Coganalyse Industrie 4.0, you have no surprises:

we commit to a price and a duration of intervention

involvement of your teams

... we share our expertise and enhance your teams' skills with each intervention

of exchanges and interactions

... with Coganalyse, communication is clear and unequivocal: we keep you informed at every step

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