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Quality of life at work


Quality of life at work

Conceive work with a human centered approach!

People are essential and Coganalyse helps you to put them at the center of work by acting on the organization of work, the design of workspace and tools and on management.

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Our services

services QVT

Sensitization of executives to mental stress issues

During seminars, we offer a desacralized and playful version of the functioning of the brain using concrete examples from everyday life.


co-construct the work

In the era of teleworking and digitization, it is necessary to rebuild the collective, to co-construct the rules for working together and to learn to negotiate the distribution of the workload within teams. We implement Design Thinking and collective intelligence methods (personae, exper ience  maps, brainstorming, post- its, joint charter construction, etc.) to support your managers and employees.  

Support your employees!  


We organize and run practical workshops to support managers and employees:  

from 10 to 12 people,

of 3  h to 3  days ,

face- to-face or remotely ,

in French or in English .

Choose from our modules that have already proven themselves:  

or let's design together a tailor-made module adapted to your needs on the themes you have chosen (return to work, hybrid work, redesign of the collective, workload and mental load, etc.).​​

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Consulting / Research

Provide sustainable solutions

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Are your employees at their wit's end? Is the atmosphere within your teams deteriorating? Do your employees make recurring mistakes? Are their performances dropping for no apparent reason?

Analyze work situations to improve them !  

Within our multidisciplinary team, we offer  :

  • a rapid and complete diagnosis of working conditions and performance based on analyzes of the activity (postures, organization, tasks, etc.);  

  • research into solutions involving your employees in collective intelligence workshops led by design thinking experts (Focus Group, Brainstorming, Experience Map, Personas, activity chronicle, scenarios, etc.);  

  • support in setting up and running your steering committee;

  • a presentation of the process and the results to your bodies (CHSCT, CCHSCT, CSE, Management Committee, OS, etc.)  and communication supports adapted to each person (posters, booklets, charters, conferences, webinars, etc.);  

  • updating your DUERP and monitoring the action plan for the implementation of a Quality of Life at Work approach;  

  • individual support and personalized advice online (by video or message) on the @DoctorPlus platform.


Conferences & Animations during seminars

Raise awareness among your employees

Do you want to discuss a topical issue with your employees or get an overview of our work?

Raise awareness among your employees!

For several years, we have been working with large groups and developing expertise on the links between business performance and cognitive load, on teleworking, on management methods, Psychosocial Risks, work organization, the link between physical load and mental load.


Conference / debate, lunches or mini workshops face-to-face or remotely, in French or in English, we host your events and tackle topical issues in a format adapted to your needs!

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